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VSGO Multifunction Camera Cleaning Kit DKL-6
7.051 OMR
3.667 OMR

VSGO Multifunction Camera Cleaning Kit DKL-6

  • VSGO
  • Cleaning Kit

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7.051 OMR
3.667 OMR
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Features :
• Professional lens pen contains multi-laminate nanoscale active carbon powder effectively absorbs oil stain, fingerprint and dirt on lens. Super fine and soft anti-static brush get rid of dust in the seam.
• Lens cleaning cloth could be used to clean camera lens and LCD screen. Wedge-shaped microfiber cloth can effectively and efficiently cleans tiny dusts, stubborn stains, fingerprints and oil stains. Super fine microfibers and anti-static material avoids static during wiping.
• Cleaning brush is featured with anti-static and super soft. Effectively sweep off dusts in camera seam.
• Hurricane air blower--Super soft nozzle prevent accidental damage in case of contact with lens, sensor and other delicate part. It is made of environmental silica gel which is non-toxic and odorless. Powerful airstream that can effectively blow away dust in the seam
• APS-C sensor cleaning swab is produced in 100% dust free environment and packed in 100 class CLEANROOM vacuum package.
• Dustless cotton swabs are made of specially treated cotton and environmental rod which ensure no dusts and fiber drop while swiping.
• Portable bag---Convenient to store and carry complete kits.

Package Includes :
- Hurricane air blower×1pc
- Lens cleaning cloth(white):15cm×15cm×1pc
- APS-C sensor cleaning swab 16mm×2pcs
- Professional Lens cleaning pen x1pc
- Cleaning Brush x1pc
- Wet Wipes x2pcs
- Portable Bag x1pc
- Lens Cleaning Tissue 50pcs x1pack
- Dustless Cotton Swab 8pcs x1pack
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