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Sencor Toaster - STS 37GG
15.900 OMR

Sencor Toaster - STS 37GG

  • Sencor
  • Toaster
Product SKU: STS37GG

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15.900 OMR
Product Rating
Main features STS 37GG
• 2 slots for making two slices (length 129 mm)
• Three functions in one:
- reheating (with indicator light)
- immediate cancellation of operation before the end of the set time
- defrosting of frozen bread products (with indicator light)
• Suitable for making both thick and thin toast
• Electronic timer - 6 toasting intensity levels
• Automatic bread ejection and shut off after the completion of toasting/defrosting
• Automatic centring function for even toasting of both thick and thin toast
• High lift function for easy removal of smaller bread pieces
• Easy to clean (slide out crumb tray)
• Heat insulated outer case (cool to the touch when running)
• Anti-slip feet attachments
• Power cord storage space
• Length of power cord: 1 m
• Power input: 800 W
• Dimensions (length x depth x height): 289 x 179 x 175 mm
• Weight: 1.05 kg
• Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
• Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Removable crumb tray
Sencor always thinks about practicality. The bottom has a removable crumb tray which slides right out, making cleaning a breeze. The power cord securely winds into the base for your personal needs or for storage.

User-friendly control
All controls are on the front of the toaster. This makes operation absolutely simple — no need to hunt for buttons. It is all supported by anti-skid surface material.

6 toasting levels
Make your toasts the way you prefer. If you want it light, set the toaster to 1 or 2. If you want it very dark, choose 5 or 6. There are two more settings in between. Automatic centering ensures uniform toasting on both sides, even with a thick slice in one slot and a thin slice in the other. Bagel button allows for inside cut toasting and outside for warming.

No fishing for the small slices
The high-lift function lifts the finished slices for easy grasp. This prevents burnt fingers and the dangerous temptation to reach in for small slices.

Warming and thawing
Toasting is fast and easy. Besides ordinary toasting, you can also use the appliance’s second function — thawing pastries. You have got a microwave for that, right? Well, you have never thawed with our toaster — the pastry is as warm and crisp as freshly baked, not gummy or rock hard.

Technical specifications
Number of slices : 2
Thermostat : NO
Timer : YES
Crumb container : YES
Defrosting : YES
Crisping : NO
Power input : 800 W
Height : 17.5 cm
Width : 28.9 cm
Depth : 17.9 cm
Colour : GREEN
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