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Godox Studio kit 300W (3 lights)
184.000 OMR

Godox Studio kit 300W (3 lights)

  • Godox
  • Studio Kits
Product SKU: 300SDID

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184.000 OMR
Product Rating
Lamps : These look fine, have quite a lot of settings and are super easy to operate. They are lightweight and easy to attach. On tripods
Tripods : These were mine may be a bit heavier the old tripods that I have from my old lamps for that matter what solider but these have little to wear and put them firmly stand out reasonable by the legs wide.
Softbox : A building plan had been handy but Im true! A hassle to put that likely will not often folded go back in the bag even though you are at a given time in getting dexterity to turn when once I had the thing put together the thing together was so squeaked!
Umbrella : This is very basic but fortunately I had two other things which I can remove the inside and reverse. But really, I do not often use the umbrellas softboxes I find convenient and beautiful.
Barndoor kit or set of valves : A useful and fun thing with four color filters and a grid, easy to fix and firm.
Remote control : Glad this is in the set, often that is not so and you should do it with the sync cable and wind I do not convenient, there are cords enough already!
Storage Trolley : A neat large bag on wheels, the latter was a surprise to me, very convenient. Everything is neatly back into the bag after use which usually will happen because the room is where I shoot for the photography club and workshops used on me. It does not happen to me one time that a lamp is over, because they really do not do well!
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