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Ck 4 In 1 Bundle For Ladies [Ck Beauty Sheer Essence (L) 100 Ml, Ck Beauty Edp 100 Ml, Ck Eternity Movement Lds 100 Ml, Ck Euphoria Lady Edp 100 Ml]
89.800 OMR
44.900 OMR

Ck 4 In 1 Bundle For Ladies [Ck Beauty Sheer Essence (L) 100 Ml, Ck Beauty Edp 100 Ml, Ck Eternity Movement Lds 100 Ml, Ck Euphoria Lady Edp 100 Ml]

  • Calvin Klein
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89.800 OMR
44.900 OMR
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product description

ck beauty sheer essence (l) 100 ml
top note :-the calvin klein perfume for women is made up of an irresistible combination of pear blossom and white peach. the pear blossom note reminds you of spring season with its refreshing scent while the white peach note further gives a delicate and fruity touch.
middle note :-the middle notes of the calvin klein essence perfume is dedicated to flowery notes that includes lilac, peony, magnolia and turkish rose. these provide a fruity, rustic, and fresh scent that is very sweet and alluring.
base note :-this calvin klein sheer beauty perfume has musk, cedar and vanilla as its base notes. cedar brings in a woody vibe to the fragrance while the musk gives a natural warm aura. the vanilla notes brilliantly coats the notes with a delicious ending.

ck beauty edp 100 ml
the calvin klein beauty edp features the aromatic fragrance of tangy citrus notes of ambrette seeds which fill the top notes while the heart notes are highlighted by sensual jasmine. a pleasing mix of essence of cedarwood release rich undertones that linger throughout.

ck eternity movement lds 100 ml
top note:-the top notes of ck eternity for women comprise of the exquisite essence of fresh citrus and juicy mandarin orange. this is followed by an invigorating aroma from green notes that blends well with accords of sage and freesia. the top notes radiate whiffs that are refreshing to your senses.
middle note:-the core of calvin klein eternity for women lies in intoxicatingly floral notes. this layer exudes the earthy, powdery aroma of violets and hints of green floral lily of the valley. notes of spicy carnation give the floral heart a slightly peppery accord. decking this stage further are essence from lily, intensely sweet jasmine, rose, narcissus, and marigold.
base note:-the final notes of eternity ck for women are gentle with powdery essences of heliotrope, transparent musk notes, warm sandalwood, and amber. this is underlined by the bittersweet and inky patchouli. the base notes give this fragrance an overall hypnotic undertone.

ck euphoria lady edp 100 ml
top note :-
euphoric on the first spray, this ck perfume opens with the intoxicating notes of pomegranate. the beautiful fragrance instills a sense of happiness and peace as the perfume spreads its charms.
middle note:-
at the heart of this calvin klein perfume, lotus and orchid take charge to produce a strong floral and fruity fragrance that is delightful and mouth-watering. it is perfect for romantic dates with your beau or for creating a fantastic first impression.
base note:-
towards the closing, violet, amber, musk, and mahogany come together to produce a sweet, resinous, cozy, and warm scent with violet adding a green aqueous touch and musk adding its warmth. the perfume stays on your skin for a long time and has an enormous sillage.
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