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Boss Guitar Effects Multi Overtone MO-2
60.330 OMR
54.900 OMR

Boss Guitar Effects Multi Overtone MO-2

  • Boss
  • Effects Processors
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60.330 OMR
54.900 OMR
Product Rating
powered by multi-dimensional processing technology (mdp), the mo-2 multi overtone uses your guitar’s harmonic characteristics to create a wide range of extraordinary new sounds.

features :
- next-generation boss compact pedal with innovative multi-dimensional processing, realized with proprietary technology and custom dsp
- impressive, harmonically rich sounds that compliment and enhance your straight guitar sound
- works well with both clean and distorted guitar tones, and also bass guitar
- ultra-responsive to volume changes and playing dynamics
- three different sound modes; wide range of tonal adjustment with simple controls
- mono or stereo output

specifications :
nominal input level - 20 dbu
input impedance - 1 m ohm
nominal output level - 20 dbu
output impedance - 1 k ohm
recommended load impedance - 10 k ohms or greater
controls - pedal switch
- balance knob
- tone knob
- detune knob
- mode knob
indicator - check indicator (serves also as battery check indicator)
connectors - input jack
- output-a (mono) jack
- output-b jack
- ac adaptor jack (dc 9 v)
power supply - alkaline battery (9v, 6lr61) or carbon-zinc battery (9v, 6f22)
- ac adaptor (sold separately)
current draw - 40 ma
* expected battery life under continuous use
- alkaline: approx. 10 hours
- carbon: approx. 3 hours

size and weight (including battery )
width - 73 mm
2-7/8 inches
depth - 129 mm
5-1/8 inches
height - 59 mm
2-3/8 inches
weight - 430 g
0 lbs. 16 oz.
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